RESTful Web Service interface:
We support RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer) Web Services to make accessing data easier.

General description
The mime-type for ID lists is plain/text, while objects DATA returns in JSON format.
Most of the operations accept the following parameters:
retstart with the order number of the first object to retrieve. Defaults to 1.
retmax with the max number of objects to retrieve. Defaults to 1000. Use retstart to retrieve the next 1000 objects.
query with one or more words separated by '+' to use for selecting related objects.
mindate in format YYYYMMDD states minimal date to retrieve. Defaults to 19000101 (01-JAN-1900).
Examples: Search and Retrieve Articles in Cell Migration Medical Knowledge Base.
Examples: Search and Retrieve Investigations, Studies and Assays released for Public Access.