Accessing Repository Data:
Searching and browsing is free and open to the scientific community. The individual right to access and download data depends on the access rights and data protection set by the data depositor.

Who May Deposit Data:
Only logged in users may deposit data. We use the ELIXIR Authorization and Authentication Infrastructure (AAI) for authenticating users. You may login with your own University/Academic institutional account, ORCID, Gmail, Linkedln.

Data Quality And Quantity:
This Repository requires a Minimum Information About Cell Migration Experiments (MIACME) at deposition time, to ensure the usefulness of the data and to allow data reuse, data mining and additional analysis. Currently there's no limit on the amount of deposited data.

Access Rights and Data Protection:
The privacy attribute rules who may browse and download data stored in this repository. At any time, the data owner may change the privacy attribute to any of its possible states: Public (anyone can browse and download), Available on request (anyone knows that data is stored, but must request access before being able to download it),

Repository Data Architecture:
Data stored on this Cell Migration WIS Repository follows the ISA Abstract Model (local). There's available a tutorial on using ISAcreator. For help and support on ISA model, formats and tools, please contact:

The starting point for a research is a study, which contains information on the subject under study, characteristics and treatments applied. A study has associated one or more assays, describing the tests performed and containing the produced data with qualitative or quantitative measurements.

Related studies can be linked under an investigation.

RESTful Web Service interface: We supports RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer) Web Services to make accessing data easier. Description and examples are available here.

Contact: For help, support, suggestions and feedback, please contact Jaime Prilusky